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The 3s PowerCure System Zero to 4mm in 3 seconds

3s PowerCure™ offers a fully coordinated system of products for the creation of long-lasting and esthetic composite restorations of Class I and II cavities in permanent dentition cured from the occlusal surface.

Harness the power of a complete product system with Adhese® Universal single-component
universal adhesive, Tetric® PowerFill sculptable 4-mm composite and Tetric® PowerFlow opaque
flowable 4-mm composite.

Light-cure these components in 3 seconds from the occlusal
surface of permanent dentition using the intelligent Bluephase® PowerCure curing light. You will notice a substantial increase in your efficiency the time savings – without compromising quality and esthetics.

Watch video as Dr. Pete Gardell explains the 3s Powercure System

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Harness the power of a complete product system

3s PowerCure offers a fully coordinated range of products for long-lasting composite restorations in Class I and II cavities in the permanent posterior dentition.

Experience the difference with 3s PowerCure

There is no way around the polymerization of composite materials. A 3-second cure comes in exceptionally handy here.
Dr Nathaniel Lawson (Assistant Professor and Division Director of Biomaterials UAB School of Dentistry, Birmingham, USA)

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Try the 3s PowerCure System for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product system to your dealer within the trial period.